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Think before Speaking: Japanese Defense Minister Resigns

Posted by alexfrancis on July 2, 2007



Japan’s defense minister resigned Tuesday over his comments suggesting that the 1945 atomic bombings Hiroshima and Nagasaki were inevitable.

The statement contradicted the Japanese stance, fiercely guarded by survivors and their supporters, that the use of nuclear weapons is never justified. A ban on possession of such weapons is a pillar Japan’s postwar pacifist regime.

It is understandable that many Japanese people would take offense to the defence minister’s statement. Inside the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, there are copies of countless letters that were written to various countries asking them to eliminate the use of nuclear weapons. Because the Japanese people have suffered the effects of a nuclear bombing, they know first hand the destruction and pain nuclear weapons cause. As a result, they have the historical conscious of a victimized people. With this suffering in mind, the mayor of Hiroshima wrote these letters to various countries asking them not to create another Hiroshima. In fact, the memorial even sells key chains that say “No More Hiroshima’s”.

In this way, the current Japanese people are very touchy when it comes to nuclear weapons, as all people should be, considering their indiscriminate destructive powers. Statements like those of the Japanese Defense Minister simply weaken the image and soft power of Japan. Also, the anti-nuclear movement is weakened by this statement that the use of nuclear weapons was inevitable. Realizing the thoughtless statement he made, it is understandable that the defense minister resigned to take responsibility for his words. At least this course of action is better than asserting his statement or drawing it out, or perhaps trying to cover up or deny the statement.

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