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Strong, Inter-connected Economies Strengthening East-Asian Ties

Posted by alexfrancis on April 15, 2007

Despite China and Japan being in conflict over Shinzo Abe’s denial of past Japanese sex offenses, Chinese President Wen still came to the major Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka with the hope of strengthening economic relations.

 China and Japan find each other to be valuable trade partners. Trade between the two countries has almost quadrupled over the period of ten years.

However, there is some tension with Japan not desiring to give up its position as the strongest economy in Asia. Japan is fearful that China will surpass it in coming years and is thus somewhat reluctant to form policies that will benefit China. In this sense, Japan is acting as a realist by being more concerned with relative gains rather than absolute gains.

The three strongest economies in Asia are Japan, China, and South Korea, and each one of them wishes to see themselves as the economic champion.


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