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艺妓 Even Geishas Blog in the Globalized World!

Posted by alexfrancis on April 5, 2007


Caption: Ichimaru, an 18-year-old maiko or young geisha, sits at her computer at a Kyoto teahouse where she has been keeping what is believed to be the first Internet blog by an apprentice geisha, December 2006.

The Japanese are currently the most prolific bloggers in the world, and the fact that this young geisha named Ichimaru is now blogging proves that blogs are an attractive way to express one’s own opinion and feelings to the whole world instantaneously! Indeed, technology is truly a driver of globalization. Let me see if I can find this geisha’s blog and post a link to it!… No, sorry. I looked, can’t seem to find it. If someone does find it, please tell me in a comment.

Please enjoy the picture of the beautiful geisha, but beware, she looks frustrated with the computer, even angry. Anyways, my point is, this individual, being a geisha, would have been secluded not only from her own society, but most definitely the world. Nowadays, the Japanese are really jumping on this whole blogging trend, even the mysterious geisha. I wonder what she blogs about!


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