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Japanese Peacekeeping Efforts

Posted by alexfrancis on March 28, 2007


Japan has increased its role in international peacekeeping by announcing its new a counterterrorism operating brigade on Wednesday, March 28. This new division of the Japanese GSDF, or Ground Self-Defense Force, will have 3,200 soldiers devoted to the brigade who specialize in countering terrorism and guerilla attacks.

Japan’s desire to effectively counter terrorism illustrates the aysemmetric nature of post-modern warfare. In other words, Japan is a relatively powerful state in terms of economic standards, yet it is still vulnerable to non-state actors such as terrorists groups.

 Japan is claiming primarily defensive motives for continually increasing military capabilities.  Because rogue actors such as terrorists do not fear being defeated, it is important that Japan create a defense force such as this to promote peace. Japan’s building arms to defend against terrorist groups is different from building them in defense to states because terrorists lack the funds to respond in kind. Rather, the more defense a country like Japan has to prevent terrorist attacks, the more likely the country will be safe. Therefore, Japan has made a relatively intelligent and peaceful move in the international arena.

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