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Diplomat Michael Jackson: Wooing Japanese Fans

Posted by alexfrancis on March 18, 2007



Caption: Michael Jackson in Tokyo, March, 2007.

In the context of international politics, Celebrities are the bearers of pop culture and thus bind countries together by a common set of underlying assumptions, values, and viewpoints.

Of course, Michael Jackson is in no way a public authority on morality, yet he still is idolized by many in Japan simply because of his great music and fame.

Many fans in Japan were willing to pay high prices to spend no more than 30 seconds with Jackson in a private cubicle just to satisfy their longing to be with this pop-music giant.

Michael Jackson is currently touring Japan and has visited numerous places throughout the country, including Tokyo, where this photograph was taken. Tokyo hosts international music evens on any given weekend including all genres and is especially known for its Jazz performances and clubs.

Perhaps the Japanese’ appreciation of American music helps to bind the United States and Japan together in a way that political treaties can not. This is because common individuals are being exposed and wooed to American individualism and the opportunity to rise to great fame and popularity. Therefore, Michael Jackson is a living, breathing witness of American culture to the Japanese people. In Japan, Jackson wields an amount of soft power perhaps unmatched by any legitimate diplomat and therefore is worthy of mention in Japanese international politics.

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