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The Security Delimma between Japan and North Korea

Posted by alexfrancis on March 8, 2007


As the trend seems to be, Japan is once again seeking to increase its sovereignty relative to other states. Specifically, Japan wants to arm itself against the possibility that North Korea might carry out a missile strike against Japan.

In August of 1998, North Korea launched a missile over Japan that landed in the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps this event was N. Korea’s attempt to puff out its chest and prove to Japan that it could fight back. i.e. State B (N. Korea) was  just trying to show State A (Japan) that it could defend itself. Yet, as the Security Delimma is played out, as one may have guessed, State A sees State B’s arming of itself and must respond in kind.

Thus, Japan is doing just that by pushing for legislation that will now allow the  defense minister, in the case of a N. Korean missile attack, to use a new missile system that Japan is installing within its borders without the approval of the prime minister.

However, will State B not glance over at State A’s new installments and wince at the thought of being inferior again. Indeed, perhaps Japan’s move will only fuel the N. Korean’s desire to arm itself with even greater weapons. Yet, from a realist point of view, this is merely the inevitable way the game of international relations is played. On the other hand, if Japan and N. Korea could just get along and make agreements and mutual concessions… then the liberals would be overjoyed! As it is, all we have are State A and State B’s hegemonic big brother, the US, to make sure they “play nice”.

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