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Japan Making Decisions Independent from Britain about Iraq

Posted by alexfrancis on February 23, 2007


At an individual level of analysis, one can see that Japan is continually being steered by the nationalist values of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In response to British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq, Abe asserts Japan’s determination to decide its own foreign policy concerning Iraq.

Abe has the goal of creating a greater global presence of Japanese troops, and will have to decide by July whether to create a law that allows for the deployment of Japanese troops to Iraq.


Japan has been one of the main supporters of the United States in Iraq, providing airlifting for U.S. and other allies between Kuwait and Baghdad and aid reconstruction works in southern Iraq under former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

However, with key allies such as Britain pulling out of Iraq, Japan remains one of the only remaining supports of the U.S. in Iraq.


Japan can be perceived as a “band-wagoning” country, joining the United States and accepting its values and institutions. In terms of remote causes, perhaps the United States’ shaping of Japan after WWII by forcing Western democratic and capitalist values on its society has made Japan into a product of Westernization, and thus Japan is eager to cooperate with its post-WWII creator, the United States.

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