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Abe Seeking Greater Sovereignty in Japan

Posted by alexfrancis on February 9, 2007

This is a link to a news article from “Yahoo! Aisa News”, which quotes Kyodo News as the source. I went to the Kyodo News website to see if I could find their source or perhaps the same article. However after investigating into the Kyodo website, it came to my attention that Kyodo only gives subscriptions of full news articles to newspapers, magazines, trade publications, research institutes, government and international organizations. Nevertheless, the site does have a twenty-four hours newsfeed giving two paragraph descriptions of daily events in Japanese politics. I added the site to my blog roll for future reference.

In short, Yahoo! Asia News wrote this story; the source is Kyodo News, but the general public is not able to view the full stories on the Kyodo News website.

I will now proceed to comment on the content of this article.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s goal is to attain permanent legislation for the mobilization of Japan’s Self Defence Force (SDF) overseas. Presently, Japan must create legislation for each individual deployment of troops due to its pacifist constitution. Abe, however, claims to be seeking perpetual legislation for troop deployment to promote peace.

Abe said, “In order (for Japan) to make further contributions toward the peace and stability of the world, I hope to deepen public discussion and consider” creating such a law. Abe made this statement at a budget committee discussing policy of the next fiscal year starting April 1.

I view this as an attempt by Abe to increase the level of sovereignty in Japan. With the current restrictions placed on Japan’s deployment of the SDF, Japan will not be able to respond quickly to possible foreign threats. Japan is also suspicious of nuclear weapon possesing Korea. By attending a six-country summit to discuss nuclear disarment in Korea, Japan is expressing values of peace and national security.

If you look at this other article I found on the Kyodo News website, however,,

you will also see that Japan was not as focused on nuclear disarmament as they claim to be. Instead, Japan continual brought up the issue of the Japanese who were abducted by Korea in the past.

So while Abe seeks to gain support of his idea to gain greater freedom of troop deployment by attaching the values of peace and security, his ultimate goal may not be just nuclear disarmament nor self-defense. As Abe is the Prime Minister of Japan, I think his policies are ultimately directed towards increasing Japanese power. He is much a realist in his suspicious nature and desire to be able to defend Japan without the current and restrictive processes necessary to deploy troops.

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