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Taking a look at another blog

Posted by alexfrancis on January 24, 2007

Climate Ark is an interesting blog to me because I am concerned about environmental issues. – This is a link to the Climate Ark blog.

Climate Ark is published by Dr. Glen Barry who holds a Ph.D. in “Land Resources” from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters of Science in “Land Resources also from the University of Wisconsin, and a Bachelor of Arts in “Political Science” from Marquette University. The widely recognized  environment related websites that he has published receive some 30,000 users a day from around.

On the Climate Ark blogroll there are extensive archives of previous postings dating back to January 2003. There are consistent postings each month about environmental issues. From a few of the postings that I read, it seems to me that Dr. Glen Barry is calling for reform in the world to prevent further damage from being done to the earth’s environment. For example, he criticizes world leaders that have not shown much alarm in regard to environmental issues.

Here are some of his own words: “I am shamed every time President Bush selfishly says America will not set mandatory emissions caps…” ” I am very disappointed in Tony Blair’s recent statement that we should all carry on with our air travel because science will find an answer to the problem. ”

I think he is doing the right thing by speaking against world leaders that are not taking action to solve environmental issues. He also speaks in general terms as well, “As a society we are so far behind on developing and implementing policy to address climate change that it is sadly, shockingly frightening.”

He does not come across as having much of a bias to me. Dr. Glen Barry uses evidence from different sources to support his criticism and alarming tone. He is definitely not ranting on about the hopelessness of mankind; rather he does well in making his points on specific topics using pictures and numbers to support his views.

His advertising seems to go along with his theme of environmental protection well. One ad jokes about going on a low “carbon” diet (versus “carb”) and losing 5,000 pounds. Another promotes saving and keeping water clean. Those ideas both seem non-partisan and appeal to any reader.

Overall, I find this site to be a helpful, non-biased blog that brings attention to important environmental issues.

One Response to “Taking a look at another blog”

  1. bklunk said

    It’s probably a judgment call to label this blog unbiased. I suspect there are a fair number of people who would disagree. It would have been useful to have a link to the blog so your readers could easily look at what you are writing about. The link to the article about Blair is useful but maybe a bit limited.

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